Some of them have been carried out, some of them are going to be carried out and others are just aims to reach.


This rain water filtering is the main devices for rain water accumulation on the ground with the possibility of upgrading it with a roof. It is needed especially for summer plants watering and permaculture islands. It is possible to place lesser ones on several places to collect water directly where it is needed.


To purify the greywater produced and reintroduced it in the natural cycle of water through the ground and/or reuse it when it is needed. By this way, we get eco-friendly services on the camping such as laundry with different natural filters techniques from phytodepuration to wetlands gardens or hydroponic vertical system.


To improve the food production, to use the water natural cycle and reduce the utilization of soaps. The aquaponic system puts together agriculture and fish farms with water purifying and kitchen clean services as a kind of aquarium compost.


To use the collected water for camping services we need such as solar shower and sinks connected to the water purification systems by a flexible water infra able to be modified to the needs.


To connect all the water system devices to a complete pipe infrastructure system which is required to improve the efficiency of water natural cycle. E.g. outside sewer, wetlands, stormwater green canals and wetlands gardens.