Some of them have been carried out, some of them are going to be carried out and others are just aims to reach.


To cultivate all year long, to grow seeds before seasons that is the natural aspect of a greenhouse, but what about to live inside it? create an office or a chill out spot in a natural heated habitat, an interior as an outside that is a winter garden. this project can be upgraded to heat other space units with the boost of a greenhouse effect.


There are several typologies of sewage water depuration using plants or fish at different steps to purify grey waters into the reusable water for agriculture. it is a good project to reflect o which product to use in the showers.


The permaculture it is already a project of the camping that can be implemented by several feeding islands for each camp spot. customers can participate in the project and pick up some fresh vegetables.


The technique of landshaping aloudĀ us to build natural outside furniture and live a garden as a furnished terrace or as an interior. shaping the ground in a natural way it means also collect rainwater from the soil and protect fields and other areas from floods.


There are many possibilities to create a green border all around the camping with a low impact on the environment. an alive wall able to react to a different situation for different orientation as protect the spots from rain, wind or sun.