Green House


GreenHouse with wasted windows and shutters. Livable, natural heated unit for agriculture. To cultivate all year long, to grow seeds before the seasons that is the natural aspect of a GreenHouse, but what about to live inside it? Create an office space or chill out spot in a natural heated habitat, an interior as an exterior space that's a winter garden! This project can be upgraded to heat other space units with the boost of greenhouse effect.

Exploded view

Here the Greenhouse composition!


Here a greenhouse sketch!

Stop Motion Sketch

Greenhouse construction processes!

Foundations, panels construction, structure elevations, panels installations, wall construction…

Windows refurbishment

Getting the windows ready!

Collecting, classifying, numbering, weighting, sanding, fixing and painting the windows.

Shaping GreenHouse' Perimeter

Marking out the foundations!

Orienting on absolute south, reproducing the size on the field surface, marking out  foundations and drawing the perimeter for the Green House.

Foundations shaping.

Concrete plinths foundation steps.

Digging, cutting and bending iron net, mixing concrete, filling the holes and place the bracing.